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Ozzie To The Rescue

Saving One Animal at a Time

Here is a preview of SOME of the pups from the puppy mill that we will be getting!

This is just a few of the 40 that we will be taking in!

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help us help them, fostering, donations are needed!

This is sweet little Charlie, he was found out on the side of the road. So we got him surrendered to Ozzie to the Rescue from the people that owned him. Now we are working on getting him better, he's in pain and we are in need of donations to help us help him recover and live a full and happy life he deserves.

Please go to the Home page and click on the donate button and mark it for Charlie.

Charlie and Ozzie thank you for your love, prayers and donations!

These poor babies were being sold online for $20 each to first come first serve. Only four weeks old..

They had them in outdoor kennel direct shade..NO broke Ozzie's heart to hear and see such awfulness! Ozzie couldn't stand to see such horrific neglect and abuse, so he told Doris he wanted to save them. He also asked Doris to agree to pay to spay and neuter mom and dad dogs, which she did in honor of Ozzie!

Thanks to everyone involved in saving these babies.. They safe now..thank goodness.

Here is their freedom ride picture..

Parvo Baby!

She was one out of 4 that we rescued that broke with parvo. She is in need of funds to help pay her very expensive vet bill for the parvo treatment. If you can please donate, she and Ozzie would be ever so grateful!

This poor little girl was let down by her humans and left abandon in a kill shelter!

She'll never have to miss anymore meals or not feel the loving touch of a human hand! She is safe and been fully vetted and is now on her way to her furever home where she will know nothing but love, safety, comfort and happiness!

She deserves a wonderful life and now she will have that!

Thank you to everyone who donates to Ozzie to the Rescue, because this is where your money goes! It goes to helping save and give a second chance to those abandon in kill shelters or on the streets.

It goes to the vetting and complete care of each and every animal we are able to save as well as spay/neuter commnity programs so the number of unwanted and homeless animals can be reduced!

PUPDATE: It is with the heaviest of hearts that we have to report that after several blood transfusions and much much time in the emergency vet hospital, Lilly just didn't have the strength to go on. Lilly crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Thank you for all your prayers of support and donations to help cover the great medical expenses in trying to save Lilly. Love Ozzie

Below i

s little Lilly. She is one of three siblings that a backyard breeder let be born and live outside. Unfortunately they were living in the middle of a fireant nest. Lilly's brother and sister are doing well now, but poor Lilly is on her third visit to the emergency vet. Her sugar levels keep dropping and she is having a hard time gaining and keeping weight on.

Here is a link to a donation page that tells more and if you can, please help us help save Lilly.

This is Darla. Darla was picked up by animal control because the person who called said she was thrown out of a car they believed. She was sent to Dr Chappel's office for a head wound and hurt leg. When Doc looked at her, he realized she was pregnant and the smell was horrific. He also noticed she was full of maggots and near death. The babys inside of her were dead and she was septic from the poison. We had to bathe her several times to try to get the maggots off her. Finally he gave her a capstar and waited for it to work and kill the rest. He then did surgery and removed the dead babys inside her. I have never smelled anything that foul before. No wonder she was so weak and sick. We then put her on a regimine of antibiotic shots daily. Slowly she came around and began eating. During this time, the poison in her system had caused her feet to split and several nails fell of and became exposed to the bone. On 9-30-16 we did surgery on her feet and she acts like a normal, happy dog now. Thank God for Robbie Chappell acting quickly, and Doris Macomson who fought to have her turned over to her organization, "Ozzie to the rescue".

With their help, she is well on her way to a happy, normal life.

This is Allie. She was rescued out of the shelter in such sad and poor shape that we just couldn't leave her there for one second longer! She needed medical attention immediately and that's exactly what she got! Allie is the sweetest little girl and is going to need surgery and 24 hour care to get well again. Please consider donating to help us help Allie get well and have a chance at a great furever home and a happy furever after!

All of these furbabies are coming to Ozzie this week from a puppy mill! Please help us help them by donating towards their medical needs/vet bills.