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Ozzie To The Rescue

Saving One Animal at a Time

Check out the EVENTS section for Ozzie's Birthday Bash information! He's gonna be 22 years old! Come out and wish him a Happy Birthday!

Sorry that it's been a bit since we've updated, however, we have been slammed with all the dogs and puppies from the puppy mill here in Rock Hill and Ozzie had taken ill and was in the Animal Hospital for a bit.

He is doing better and is back home now. Ozzie will be 22 this April, and that is a great accomplishment because he, himself, came from a puppy mill and lost both his eyes and his teeth because of the deplorable conditions he endured. The puppy miller also removed his barker! But he's been loved and well taken care of from the day he left that horrible nightmare and we are so happy that he is a real fighter and is doing better!

So here's the update . . . . We picked up 5 more dogs today and we can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel! There are about 16 more yet to get out and then we'll be done! When we finally finish taking all the dogs and puppies out, we will have taken, vetted, groomed and either sent on to another rescue up north or adopted out 208!

The 5 we took out today, 15 February 2019, are going to need everything the others also did, which is; grooming, deworming, shots and a complete medical evaluation/checkup. The poor babies are full of worms. They are very sweet and just want loving. We are doing everything possible to get all of them properly vetted and taken care of medically and we are also supplying lots of love.

This is where we need you, our supporters to help . . . We have an enormous vet bill from not only these 5 but all those that have come before them. Puppy mill rescues need everything, medically, done for them. This is a costly endeavor and we would not be able to do this alone! So for those of you who have donated, thank you. Ozzie would like for everyone, in honor of his 22nd birthday coming up, and because he survived because someone cared enough to rescue him; to donate to Ozzie to the Rescue to help all of these dogs and puppies that have been and are still being pulled out.

It truly takes a village and we have a great one; from our fosters to our donors and supporters!

If you want to see pictures of the babies, please go to Doris Macomson's facebook page and scroll through the pictures.

You can donate right here on this website, send a check to Ozzie to the Rescue, 718 Will Jones Circle, Catawba SC 29704 or if you have paypal, you can also donate that way.

Please help Ozzie help these 5 and the rest of the 16 that need out still.

Thank you, each and everyone of you for loving Ozzie and his rescue!

We have been actively trying to get to the person running a puppy mill here in Rock Hill and today, by God's grace the woman was coming out of the gate and I was coming by so I was able to stop and talk to her! She has agreed to release the dogs to Ozzie! There will be 40 small breed dogs coming in from this puppy mill and all will need vetting and medical attention along with grooming! We will post pictures as soon as we can get them and get some pictures taken!

So for now we are in need of foster homes and donations. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, help us to help all of them and to give them another chance at a better life than the one they had been living!

Pictures will be posted in the Gallery when we are able to get them! Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts and lets save these in memory of Belle and Lilly and all the others that have gone too soon from us!

It is with the deepest sadness and sorrow to let you all know that little Belle has crossed over the Rainbow Bridge.

Our hearts are broken and she's taken a piece of them with her.

She can now be whole and healthy again.

Thank you to everyone who donated and prayed for her.

Fly high and run free, little Belle, you will be greatly missed, but never forgotten!

This is Belle. She is a very tiny baby with a very big need.

Belle is 1.5lbs and is currently at the emergency vet. You see she crashed twice today (9/28/18). She is suffering from coccidia among other issues.

In order for her to remain in the care of the emergency vet we need donations.

Ozzie is asking not only for prayers for Belle, but also for donations to help cover the 2200.00 cost to save Belle's life.

Ozzie says, thank you all for your prayers, love and donations!

These pictures of a Yado. He is a very sick puppy that we took into rescue. His blood sugar keeps dropping and he is at the emergency vet!

Yado is fighting very hard to get well and needs not only your prayers, but any donations that can be made to Ozzie to the Rescue to help cover his medical bills.

Just looks at those eyes looking back at you pleading for help!

Ozzie says thank you for caring and for helping Yado to get better!

While many of you may or may not have seen on the national news, the Carolinas had gotten hit with Hurricane Florence. We along with many partner rescues in York County have gone out to calls for help, ahead of the hurricane, and saved dogs that would not otherwise have had shelter nor been able to be safe from the storm! We would like to thank each and every person that assisted us and each and every Rescue that joined with us to help us save lives ahead of what we were sure would have turned out very badly otherwise. There are a lot of animals still in need and a lot of shelters that are still flooded and cannot take in any animals at this time, 2 weeks after the storm has passed. We ask that you keep all the homeless animals and their humans in your prayers and especially the animals that were left behind to fend for themselves, some rescued, others went over the rainbow bridge, sadly. Thank you York County Rescues for partnering with Ozzie and helping as many as we could to be saved from Florence's furry!

CHECK OUT OUR NEW PICTURES IN OUR GALLERY TAB! We've taken in so so many puppies lately! "It's raining puppies . . . "

Tomorrow will be Ozzie‘s 21st birthday! He is 4 1/2 pounds of complete love! He loves everyone, even after all he has lived through! He lived in a puppy mill for 13 years! He never knew what it was to be touched and loved. They pulled his teeth with pliers, they debarked him with a rod and yet he still loves everyone! We will be celebrating Ozzie‘s birthday on May 19th at the VFW, Main Street, Rock Hill, South Carolina; come out and meet this sweet love! Ozzie has saved lots of dogs in the south by transporting them up north and working together with other rescues, saving one animal at a time. Ozzie would like to thank Dr. Katie Phillips for saving his life! Eight years ago he had Glucoma very bad and his eyes had to be removed, so he has no bark, no teeth and no eyes and for all that he's lived through............just as loving and sweet as he is handsome!

Let's all help Ozzie celebrate his 21st Birthday and grant him his one and only birthday wish...............collecting monies to help pay all the medical bills for all the sick puppies and dogs we've had lately and also to be able to help so many more! By your generous donations (which are deductible on your taxes) you will be helping out so many more babies like him for his birthday!

Thank y'all for loving and caring about Ozzie and all he is accomplishing and still wanting to accomplish!

Ladies and Gentlemen it has been one crazy busy year! We have saved many many dogs and cats this year and have transported lots up north to find their furever homes.

We couldn't do any of this without each and everyone of you donating and helping us to help them! So with that being said, THANK YOU! Thank you for your prayers, words of encouragement and support and for your donations!

With the year coming to a quick end, we have one more litter we need to ask for help for. We have taken in 4 little Chiwienie puppies and they all have parvo! They are currently at our vets office and receiving the urgent medical care they need. It will be a big medical bill, right here at Christmas time and we are asking for any help we can get from our wonderful supporters. So if you or someone you know is looking to donate and have a tax deduction before year end, please consider donating to Ozzie to the Rescue, and help us save these sweet babies.

You can paypal any amount to us by clicking on the donate button or you can call directly to the vets office and donate by telling them it's for Ozzie to the Rescue, Parvo Chiwienie pups. The vets office is . . . . Lowry's Animal Hospital, Lowry SC 803-581-8387.

To see pictures of these sweet babies and read more of their story, please visit our photos under the Gallery tab above.

Thank you, each and everyone for all the love, hope and encouragement as well as your donations!



THIS SATURDAY, 2 SEPTEMBER 2017, Ozzie to the Rescue will be holding a Yard Sale! It will be going on from 8:00am til 1:00pm!

All 3 buildings will be open and there will be lots and lots of stuff for everyone and all ages!

ALL PROCEEDS go to the vetting and medical care and attention for our animals in the rescue!

Please come out and see us and help save the animals!

Ozzie says............Thanks in advance for coming!

Can you believe it! I'll be 20 this year, much older in dog years, so I'll take the 20.....

Please come out and join us in celebrating and enjoy the performance from my good friend and Elvis/Michael Jackson impersonator, Matthew Spalding!

We will have BBQ plates for sale and raffles and door prizes and just some good ol' fun!

I do so enjoy when each and everyone of you comes to see me and wish me Happy Birthday!

All the proceeds will be going to a spay/neuter outreach we are doing in the community so that there aren't so many homeless furbabies or furbabies in kill shelters.

April 22nd is the date and the Rock Hill VFW Post 2889 is the place to come see me!

If you are not able to make it but would like to donate a birthday gift, please click on the donate button. And I just want to say, Thank You, in advance for donating!

While Ozzie helps many many furbabies in need, we also try to help the humans as well.

These are two very dear people that have supported Ozzie and his mom in saving the furbabies and now they are in need of our help.

Please help by donating today. All donations are tax deductible. Ozzie thanks you and his mom thanks you.

Please go to our Events Tab and check out our Santa Paws for a Cause event this coming Saturday!

We look forward to seeing you and your furbabies there!

Please come join us this Saturday, September 22 at Walter Elisha Park in Fort Mill!

We will be taking part of this event that the Humane Society of York County is sponsoring.

We will have a booth there and have information about our furbabies and even have some furbabies with us!

It will be from 10:00 til 2:00pm! We look foward to seeing you there!

Please check out our Gallery section for some furbabies that are coming to Ozzie from a puppy mill that we will be in need of help with.

Check out our Events Section for up coming events with Ozzie!

We not only help the furbabies, but Ozzie has expanded and has been helping out the humans in need as well! Check out our Testimonial Section!

OZZIE TO THE RESCUE THRIFT SHOP, 316 Trexler Lane, Corner of Trexler Lane and Celanese, just past the RH Airport and the new QT, will be open this Saturday from 9:00am til 1:00! Come out and shop with us! All proceeds go back to the animals and helping them! See you there!

Warning- some of the pics are very graphic!

Everyone please meet Ozzie to the rescues newest member, Miss Asuka. She is a chow chow mix that came to us yesterday in desperate need of vet care for suspected scabies infestation. Her former owner left her for hours and days at a time with no food or water and clearly no vet care. She was retu rned last week to the person she originally came from in horrible condition. Now she's our gal and we are going to do all we can for her. She is currently in isolation at Lowry's Animal Hospital undergoing tests. She has endured such terrible skin problems that she has what is called "elephant skin". Until we know if it's scar tissue or infection, we cannot spay her. In the mean time she's getting the care she needs and deserves. Please say a prayer for this lady. Her stay in isolation will be quite expensive but we are committed to her.

If you can donate to her care please call Lowrys at 803-581-8387. Or PayPal [email protected]; you can go to the "About" tab above and click on the donate link at the bottom of the page.  

To view more images of Miss Asuka, please go to the "Gallery" tab above. Such a sad situation and she is such a loving, precious baby!

Tax deductible receipts are available upon request. Thanks all. Stay tuned!!


We want to let everyone know, Ozzie to the Rescue is not closed, nor shutting down. Our email account has been hacked and we have changed our email address. We will be sending out a mass email letting everyone know our new email address, in the meantime, if you need to contact us, please use the Contact Button above.

We apologize for any inconvenience or confusion this may have caused anyone. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns or receive further contact from the old email address. We will be sending out one last mass email from that address, it will then be the deactivated and no longer should you receive any contact from that email address.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Ozzie now has a new and bigger transport van! We now have more room to carry more onboard! Go to the Transport Information Tab above and find out how to book your furbabies onboard with us! Looking forward to saving more lives in 2016! Ozzie thanks you for your bookings!

Ozzie's Thrift Store will be open Saturday from 10am until 3pm! We are located at 316 Trexler Lane and have lots of new items!

The weather is going to be beautiful, come on out and see us and help us save more furbabies in need!

Never know when you might have some four legged helpers to snuggle and love on while you shop!

Ozzie is also accepting donations from your spring cleaning or left over yard sale items that didn't sell. Please contact us using the Contact Tab above to let us know you have donations and we can arrange getting them with you. Thank you in advance for your donations!

In conjunction with The Good Bowl (Rookie's Reward) we are doing a donation drive for the resuce around South Carolina.

We will be collecting crates, tennis balls, bowls, blankets, leashes and collars to bring down to the ladies at The Good Bowl so that they can distribute to the rescues in need.

Please let us know if you have any donations and when you would be available to drop the donations off at our Thrift Store. You can message us via Facebook at Ozzie to the Rescue or on here via the above tab "Contact" and send us a message or text Doris Macomson at 704-724-4145.

Thank you for all your help for the rescues in need and donations to help the furbabies!

Want to help us help the flood victims in South Carolina? Read on!

We have already taken a load of donated supplies down for those in need and would like to keep helping. We are not only taking in donations for the four legged in desperate need, but also for the two legged in need! See the pictures below!

Please contact us if you have any donations you are able to give to help the humans and furbabies in need!

It truly is a disaster area and any and all items are needed, personal hygiene, diapers, cleaning supplies, towels, clothes, dog/cat food, cat litter, beds, please consider, if it were you or your family in need what would you need, then donate. If you can't or don't have items, you can always donate through paypal to us and make sure to mark it for the SC FLOOD VICTIMS and we will make sure they get it!

Thank you so very much for all your love and caring and support!

It's finally here! ANNOUNCING the GRAND OPENING of Ozzie to the Rescue Thrift Store! Please join us Saturday, 5 September 2015 from 7:30 til 3:00! We will have a yard sale, open the store and have a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony to officially open! We are located at 316 Trexler Lane, Rock Hill SC. It is the little gray building on the corner of Celanese and Trexler Lane. Come on out and join us and help support our efforts to save the animals!

We had a great grand opening and look forward to a successful future so that many many animals can be helped! Thank you to everyone who came out and helped get the store ready and opened and to all those who donated. We want to also thank everyone that came out to purchase items from the thrift store and made our grand opening a success!

This little man is Udder. He is the runt of a litter of 10. He is only 6 weeks old! We went out to pick them up and were told 3 were given away to other homes. So we expected to get 7, upon which we were told that the momma had chased 4 of them off into the woods and so there was only 3 left. Udder and his brother and sister, both of which were, like him full of worms. Unfortunately, Udder's tummy also had lots of rocks in it because he was so hungry he was eating what he could find. His current medical bill is $1121.00.

If you would like to help us pay this bill you can either donate directly to the vet's office, Longs ER Vet at 704-523-2996, tell them its for Ozzie to the Rescue/Udder or you can donate via paypal on the About page by clicking on the above tab and go to the bottom of the page and hit the donate button.

This little sweetheart, who's name is Sally, was an owner surrender. Sally is only 4 months old and had gotten sick on her owners so they took her to York Veterinary and after an initial exam, the vet told the owners that Sally had Parvo. Knowing they didn't have any money to pay for the treatment to save Sally's life, they opted to surrender her to the vet so they could find a rescue to take her in and have the treatment to save her life. We got the call that morning asking if we would be willing to take Sally into rescue and get treated, we agreed.

Since the Sally is still at the vets office and undergoing treatment, the final costs are not available. However, if you would like to donate towards this sweetheart's treatment, you can do so by calling a donation directly to York Vet at 803-675-6474, tell them its for Ozzie to the Rescue/Sally or you can donate via paypal by going to the About page by clicking on the above tab and go to the bottom of the page and hit the donate button.

This little pup, along with a sibling were rescued from a backyard breeder. They are Great Pyrenees mixes. While the sibling is okay, this little ball of fur and love has Parvo. This sweetheart is currently receiving medical treatment at Longs ER Vet.

We are so piled up with medical bills right now because of these three very sick little sweethearts, that we are on an intake freeze.

If you would like to help this little love bug out with medical bills you can donate directly to Longs ER Vet at 704-523-2996 and tell them its for Ozzie to the Rescue/great pyrenees parvo pup, or you can donate via paypal by going to the About page by clicking on the above tab and go to the bottom of the page and hit the donate button.